Do you deliver locally?

Yes, we use couriers, kinda like bin Laden did there for a while. And, much like with bin Laden, if you find one of our couriers you will eventually find us (it’s easier just to come directly to us).

Interesting fact: bin Laden’s courier, Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti died on the anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death. Think about that… Cool eh? Bet ya didn’t know that.

Do you ship nationally?

Yes, from Vancouver to St. John, from Leamington to Alert. I’m not sure about Alert for certain. It’s a bold claim for sure, you should try it?

Interesting fact: Leamington is the southern most point of Canada’s main land. Off the coast of Leamington lies Pelee Island, home to unpalatable wines and Canada’s Southern most inhabitants.

Do you ship internationally?

Not a chance. We are protectionist, big time!

Interesting fact: Especially not to the mess to our south.

How long will my order take?

Everything is done in-house, under ruthless supervision, by children. We don’t actually use child labour but we are ruthless enough to do it.
Due to our menacing and almost omnipotent aura, which hangs like an ever-present pall over our employees, orders get processed very quickly.
Also if you’re in a hurry let us know and we will further explore our archaic carrot and stick (mostly stick) methods of motivation.

What type of file should I send?

For all printed material (business cards, postcards, posters etc…) a pdf file is the best course of action. For custom vinyl stickers a Vector file is needed (eps or ai).
If you even think about sending a Microsoft Word file you will be mocked and if we can swing it, spat upon.

Fun fact: The anachronism “Word to your mother” was originally “Word to the mother” in reference to the African “Motherland” during the Afrocentric movement.

Where are you located and what are your hours?

We are at 411 Catherine St. (corner of Catherine and Percy). We are open Monday thru Friday from 10am to 4pm. Weekends are ours, and it’s none of your Nosy Nelly business what we get up to with our weekends… Cricket, on weekends we like cricket.

Fact: The longest cricket test match in history took 9 days. That’s right one game, nine days. Now you know why our weekends are so full.