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Still a force to be reckoned with, these little dynamos are the OG when it comes to personal branding. Not even Apple can figure out a way to replace them as they’ve developed an iPhone app just to sort them.

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The world of postcards has changed drastically over the years. Riveting, I know. Now instead of being used to tell people where you’ve been they’re used to tell people where they should go.

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How the hell else would you find out, on a Tuesday morning, that you can get two pizzas and twenty wings for the low, low cost of your health and waistline? Huh? How? Flyers of course.

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Brochures are similar to flyers only all crinkly like, folded, double sided, so much information in one little package. Kind of like Stephen Hawking only easier on the eyes.

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Christmas cards, birthday cards, i hate you cards… whatever you require. we can print it.

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You can print anything on millions of stickers and stick them everywhere. Do you have a positive message? No? Who cares? Neither does the NRA but they have tons of stickers and so can you.

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Sometimes half sized isn’t enough. Go full size and get a poster of your buddy’s band or one of your favourite hockey player or an inspirational one that you can hang over your desk.

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Get your logo or address printed on envelopes, it’s just professional. There is not a person out there that wants to read your hand writing. In fact when was the last time you saw anything written in cursive?

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Archival quality, fade resistant canvas prints, wrapped around a 1.75″ gallery frame, ready for hanging on your wall. Like Justin Bieber it’s the ultimate in uber cool.

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Signs are your first impression. If you want your sign to look like you set your kids loose with a protractor and a few half eaten crayons that’s up to you. But unless you’re selling drool bibs it may be a good idea to consider a professionally made sign.

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Be on the job at all times, even on the way to and from said job. Besides it’s nice to put a name to the hand that’s flipping you the bird.

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It’s not a concert, event or sale without a banner or sign saying so. Hell the Rolling Stones still use banners and who doesn’t know who they are? Just saying if Mick and the boys still use ’em who the f**k are you?

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I once knew this girl named Buttons who used to do this fabulous trick with ping pong balls and lighter fluid… Ohh sorry, lost my train of thought, we make buttons. We make them in all shapes colours and sizes.

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In keeping with the glorious tradition of one night stands we offer you one off t-shirts. Pictures, words, phrases, sketches or genitalia can be impressed onto your choice of garment.

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Relyed on for centuries to keep maids from seeing genitals. These clever pieces of cardstock are now used to promote cleaning services, plumbers, construction companies, and the newly opened shawarma joint down the street.

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Give your tattoos a trial run by printing them on a t-shirt first. If things don’t work out with Lynda it is easier to throw out the t-shirt with her name and nipples emblazened on it than it is to have your arm removed. Fact!

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Carbon? Really? You’re still using carbon? Drag your knuckles on down here and we’ll set you up with carbonless forms and teach you how to drive a horseless carriage.

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